First Look At Godspeed On The Flash Season 5 Revealed

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For years, fans have been saying that they’ve wanted a particular comic book supervillain to make their way to The Flash, and it looks like the producers of the hit CW series have finally paid attention.

Set photos from an upcoming episode in season 5 reveal that none other than Godspeed will be appearing in the Arrowverse very soon. Following rumors pointing to the antagonist showing up this season, these set photos from location filming in Vancouver confirm that the white-suited speedster is indeed coming. It’s thought that he’ll make his live-action debut in episode 18, which is believed to be called – fittingly – “Godspeed.”

Here, have a look at our first glimpse at the villain in the gallery below, courtesy of Twitter user @Brittanyxxoxo:

This is pretty awesome news for Flash fanatics. Not only is Godspeed coming to the show, but he’ll also sport a terrific costume design that thankfully hues very close to the character’s memorable appearance from the source material. Godspeed only debuted on the page back in 2016’s The Flash: Rebirth – as created by Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico – but he instantly made a big impression.

So, who is he? Well, his real name is August Hearst and he was once a colleague of Barry Allen’s at the CCPD and initially his new crime-fighting partner. He became obsessed with getting justice for his murdered brother, however, which soon pushed him over the edge into evil. The villain’s yet another speedster who’s arguably faster than Barry and even has the power to take away another speedster’s speed.

He’s such a formidable foe, then, that we suspect he’s going to be important to the future of The Flash. One set photo teases a new exhibit at the Flash museum, which presumably means that Godspeed appears in Nora’s time. So maybe his introduction in season 5 sets up his role as the big bad of season 6? We haven’t had a speedster big bad since season 3, after all.

Even if we’re way off base with this one, we’re looking forward to seeing Godspeed on the show in just a few weeks. But first, be sure to catch The Flash 5×15 “King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd” on The CW on Tuesday, March 5th.

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