First Look Promo For The Flash Season 2, Episode 20 Released


The CW has released the first promo for next week’s instalment of The Flash, and it reveals how exactly Barry Allen intends to regain his speed after Zoom stole it. From the looks of it, Barry, along with the Earth-2 Harrison Wells, will create another particle accelerator explosion, something which could very well lead to the hero’s death if it doesn’t work out as intended.

This method of giving The Flash back his speed should be instantly familiar to comic book fans, especially as the character went through something similar in the “Flashpoint” storyline. However, whether or not it will play out similarly in the show remains to be seen.

Here’s the synopsis for the episode – titled “Rupture” – which sheds a little more light on what we should expect:

Zoom (guest star Teddy Sears) arrives back on Earth-1 intent on taking over Central City. Barry (Grant Gustin) and Wells (Tom Cavanagh) come up with a plan to stop Zoom once and for all but it’s extremely dangerous. Unsure if he should take the risk, Barry reaches out to both fathers for advice. Henry (guest star John Wesley Shipps) is adamantly opposed to Barry risking his life again but Joe (Jesse L. Martin) thinks he can handle it which puts the two men at odds with each other. Meanwhile, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is shocked when he vibes the Earth-2 villain Rupture, who happens to be his brother Dante’s (guest star Nicholas Gonzalez) doppelganger. Rupture came to this Earth seeking justice for Reverb’s death. Iris (Candice Patton) decides she’s finally ready to open up to Barry about her feelings for him. Armen V. Kevorkian directed the episode written by Kai Yu Wu & Lauren Certo.

What’s particularly interesting about this is the fact that another explosion could lead to the creation of more metahumans, and considering the fact that Jesse Quick (Wells’ daughter) and Wally West are both speedsters in the source material, it wouldn’t be remotely surprising to see them gain some abilities of their own during this episode.

With just a handful of episodes left this season, The Flash is racing towards the finish line, and based on the promo above, “Rupture” is going to be one instalment that you won’t want to miss.