The Flash, Arrow And Others Join Forces For DC TV Anchored Sizzle Reel


There’s a reason why fans jokingly refer to The CW as “The DC” these days: The network originally had one superhero show in the form of Smallville, which gave way to an unrelated Arrow series. Flash forward four years (no pun intended) and that universe has expanded to include The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, along with the recently acquired Supergirl.

Whenever the fall season rolls around, the network expectedly releases a handsome sizzle reel in an effort to hype their returning and debuting series. It comes as no surprise that with the aforementioned DC TV shows dominating their prime time lineup four nights out of the week, that costumed heroes get a generous amount of screentime in this new video package.

It’s worth noting that everything seen here was shot specifically for this promo and does not come from episodes of any respective series. There is a benefit to it, however, because it allows us to get some up close looks at characters that are sporting new costumes, such as Green Arrow or Kid Flash and even offers a glimpse at DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s new Vixen.

Supernatural fans will also want to stick around as well for the bit involving Sam and Dean Winchester. It’s within reason their comparison of blades may be for laughs, but let’s not rule out it possibly hinting at things to come with the international chapter of the Men of Letters. After all, we are introduced to new forms of arcana on an annual basis.

The CW’s fall season kicks of with The Flash on Tuesday, October 4.