The Flash Shatters The Sound Barrier In New Comic-Con Promo


This fall, The Flash will speed onto the small screen. Currently, though, it is making waves over at San Diego Comic-Con. The pilot episode was screened on Wednesday to great reviews, and now an SDCC-exclusive promo for the series has made its way online.

Courtesy of BuzzFeed, the new promo is a ton of fun, and shows off the series’ lighter, more colorful aesthetic and great visual effects. It’s also packed with a few neat Easter Eggs for fans, including a nod to famous flash villain Gorilla Grodd and fellow superhero Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, who will be showing up this fall on The Flash‘s sister show, Arrow. 

Check out the new promo below, and make sure to keep an eye out for more content from DC’s television shows, which are going to have a big presence today at SDCC.

The Flash arrives on The CW on Wednesday, October 7th.

Source: BuzzFeed