The Flash And DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Clips Debut Ahead Of Midseason Premieres


Tonight is the night DC TV fans have been waiting over a month for as both The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow return for their midseason premieres, the latter of which continues its journey on a new night and time. And, in celebration of tonight’s episodes, The CW has released several clips in order to tide us all over.

In the first video, we see the Flash himself going head to head with Central City’s latest wrongdoer, Plunder. Needless to say, action scenes boasting visual effects such as these are what high-definition television was made for. Be sure to stick around for an appearance by Kid Flash, too, which very likely leads to a bit of tension between him and Barry.

As for the second, it sees what is perhaps Tom Cavanagh’s most amusing take on Harrison Wells to date – Earth-19’s H.R. – give Team Flash a guided tour of S.T.A.R. Labs’ new high tech area that he intends on opening to the public. What’s even more hilarious is that of Hologram Cisco, whom I guessing we won’t see much more of beyond this point. Still, his “love of SCIENCE!” is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Finally, we come to a rather intriguing scene pulled from Legends that finds Martin Stein walking in on Heat Wave just as he’s been having the latest hallucination of his departed best friend, Leonard Snart. This is a plot thread to follow, especially when you consider that the real Captain Cold will soon be returning to join the ranks of the Legion of Doom.

Be sure to catch The Flash tonight at 8/7c, with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow following at 9/8c.