The Flash: Has Eobard Thawne Been Lurking Right Under Our Noses?


In an effort to even the playing field with Clifford DeVoe, Harry Wells constructed a “thinking cap” of his own not long ago on The Flash. And to the surprise of few, his addiction to the intelligence enhancing apparatus has affected his behavior to a degree, with synopses for upcoming episodes hinting at him edging further toward the abyss.

In fact, when viewing last night’s offering, “Null and Annoyed,” I couldn’t help but notice how Earth-2’s Harry was sounding a whole lot like Earth-1’s Harrison Wells in terms of speech pattern, intellect and methodology. To be more specific, I’m referring to when Eobard Thawne AKA the Reverse-Flash was impersonating “our” Wells for the wealth of season 1.

But what came as a real eye-opener was when he entered the Time Vault that Thawne once used as a private sanctuary during last night’s stinger. In short, he rested his thinking cap where the Reverse-Flash costume once resided before activating Gideon. And when she said it’d been over 1,000 days since they’d last spoke, Wells suspiciously replied with “a lot has changed since then.”

Now, this could be interpreted in one of two ways, the first being that Earth-2’s Harry is simply going off the deep end. After all, there was a bit of a delay in Gideon’s activation, prompting me to think she’s more responsive to Thawne. Really, we can’t rule out the thinking cap corrupting the otherwise do-gooder, or the likelihood of him emerging as the team’s next major threat.

Conversely, we must acknowledge the very real possibility that Thawne swapped places with Harry at some point, forcing me to recall the former’s promise to Barry Allen made near the end of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover last fall. Granted, he was wearing Wells’ face at the time, but called into question which visage he’d adopt when the two meet next. Who knows, maybe he decided not to change?


So, regardless of whether or not we’re dealing with Thawne, I believe that it all must come down to him and the Scarlet Speedster when the series eventually wraps – and with Tom Cavanagh being under the cowl. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel their rivalry remains among the Arrowverse’s greatest.

With that, be sure to tune in to The Flash on Tuesday nights on The CW in order to see how the saga unfolds.

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