The Flash EP Isn’t Sure About A Crossover With Supergirl’s Final Season

The Flash

Given its overly interconnected nature, it’s no surprise to hear that The CW’s Arrowverse was another juggernaut franchise that took a major hit during the pandemic.

Not only have the social distancing laws made it more difficult to shoot more episodes, but the matter of planning annual crossovers must have quickly turned into a logistics nightmare for the people involved. In the case of The Flash, the situation was even worse. After all, the crew never got to properly finish filming the sixth season, which culminated in the story of the Scarlet Speedster coming to a premature close with only 19 episodes, as opposed to the usual 22, leaving a lot of plot threads unresolved.

Luckily, the team have been working hard to amend that in the upcoming seventh run. But the return of Barry Allen and the gang isn’t the only thing that makes 2021 a monumental year for the Arrowverse. Following Arrow‘s conclusion last year, the network is also bringing the story of Melissa Benoist’s Girl of Steel to an end. Though the current circumstances have made it difficult to plan one last crossover within the overarching narrative.

The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace was recently asked if there’s a chance that Barry and Kara could reunite again, to which he replied:

“I wish, but I don’t know,” the EP said with a sigh. “I would say, ‘Ask the folks at Supergirl,’ not me, because that’s really out of my hands.”

Considering the success of “Duet,” the 2017 musical crossover starring Grant Gustin and Benoist in their respective superhero roles, it’d make sense for them to get together one last time, though it seems the producers’ plans for these annual events have been put on hold indefinitely, so we wouldn’t hold our breath.

But tell us, what are your thoughts on the matter? Should Supergirl make an appearance in the seventh season of The Flash during her last run? Sound off down below.