Melissa Benoist Reportedly Not Interested In Returning As Supergirl After Final Season


The CW’s Arrowverse, or the CWverse if you’re one of the three people who didn’t object to the network trying to foist a name change on the shared superhero universe once Arrow drew to a close, is in the midst of a huge creative overhaul that could shape the future of the sprawling mythology for a long time to come.

Not only is the flagship series over, but co-creators Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim have jumped ship and headed over to HBO Max in favor of focusing all of their energies on Green Lantern. Supergirl is also drawing to a close following the upcoming sixth and final season, while it was announced that Black Lightning will be wrapping up after its next run as well.

We probably don’t need to tell you at this point that ratings for Supergirl have been declining on an annual basis, and star Melissa Benoist has already dedicated years of her life to playing Kara Danvers after first being cast in January 2015, but there’s been speculation making the rounds recently hinting that the 32 year-old would remain part of the Arrowverse after the show gets taken off the airwaves and may return for the annual crossover events.

However, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Ben Affleck would be back as Batman in The Flash, and that an Arrow spinoff is in development, both of which were correct – that once the series finale airs, Benoist has no intentions of ever suiting up again. According to our intel, the actress wants to distance herself from the Arrowverse to avoid being typecast and will look to forge ahead with her career outside the confines of The CW.

In fact, she’s reportedly actively looking to secure roles in big budget movies or premium TV shows in order to take the next step beyond Supergirl and as such, isn’t interested in returning to the franchise again. Which means that fans should make the most of this last batch of episodes as they’ll likely be the last time Benoist is seen as the hero.