The Flash Season 6 Finale Will Feature One Of The Show’s Biggest Battles

The Flash

Fans of The Flash may not get the opportunity to watch the originally planned ending for season 6, but it appears the show still wishes to go out with a bang in its newly designated finale.

The sixth season of The CW’s superhero series centering around the Scarlet Speedster was a hit with viewers right from the start and continues to impress us each and every week. Of course, Barry himself has gone through a lot with everything that transpired in his and his friends’ lives this year. First, Team Flash believed that the hero had to sacrifice himself in the “Crisis” event, but the fact that Oliver made a deal with the Monitor to swap places with him didn’t exactly exonerate his already over-burdened conscience. Then, Barry had to deal with the loss of a friend and a mentor while trying to honor his legacy by going forward and face the new threats in this post-Crisis multiverse.

To cap it all off, the producers thought it was a good idea to trap Iris inside the Mirror World, leading to a rude awakening for Team Flash amid their crusade to save Central City. As epic a ride as this may have been, though, the novel coronavirus also led the network to halt production on The Flash on March 13th, a few weeks before filming on the current season was to conclude.

But to help fight the pandemic, or maybe just to give us hope in these trying times, the crew of The Flash decided to air the rest of the episodes, and even move the finale forward, instead choosing episode 19 as the ending to the season. But what can fans expect to see as the last installment of this thrilling and top-notch ride?

Well, according to showrunner Eric Wallace, The Flash will conclude, at least for the time being, with one of the show’s biggest battles to date.

“I think people will appreciate also, one of the biggest episodes of the season just coincidentally was always planned to be Episode 6.19,” Wallace revealed in an interview with CBR. “So, one of the biggest episodes with one of the biggest battles we’ve ever filmed in the six-season history of The Flash, now is on display in our new season finale. It’s kind of exciting amidst all this tragedy.”

That’s certainly an exciting tease if ever we heard one, but I guess we’ll have to see for ourselves just what he’s hinting at when the last two episodes premiere on The CW in the upcoming weeks.