The Flash 6×17 Photos Tease A Tragic Revelation About Iris

The Flash

The CW has released several photos from the upcoming seventeenth episode of The Flash season 6 that tease a major discovery for Team Flash and a confrontation between Barry and Iris.

Shutdowns in Hollywood and across the television industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that shows like The Flash couldn’t continue production unabated. As such, the crew announced that instead of the planned season finale, which would feature the return of Eobard Thawne in a cliffhanger ending, the current season will end on episode 19 and feature another twist.

At this point, we’re just glad to get an ending at all after this fixer-upper of a season, even if it’s a rushed and inconclusive one. With the novel coronavirus pandemic winding through the United States and several European epicenters like a hot knife through butter, there’s no telling when the studios can resume work on their ongoing projects. The CW is just one example of this current mess, and even companies like Netflix and Marvel have had to shut down production on all their upcoming movies and TV shows, including The Witcher and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, respectively.

Still, it’s good to know that we’re at least getting an ending to the sixth season of The Flash, and more so to the Iris subplot which had her true self trapped in the Mirror world while her evil counterpart caused trouble for Barry and the rest of the team. As Grant Gustin previously teased, the titular hero is finally going to learn the truth about his wife, and new photos from the upcoming episode, titled “Liberation,” show Iris in a tough spot.

For more, here’s the official synopsis for the next episode:

“HUGE CHANGES AHEAD FOR BARRY AND IRIS – After recent events, Barry (Grant Gustin) takes a closer look at his life with Iris (Candice Patton). Eva (guest star Efrat Dor) makes a bold move. Jeff Byrd directed the episode written by Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza.”

So, it seems that for the time being, these three remaining episodes will be all from The Flash until the cast and crew can get back on set and film the last two stories.

Tell us, though, what are your thoughts on Team Flash finally learning the truth about Iris? And what do you expect to see in “Liberation?” Let us know in the comments section below.