The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Production Shut Down Due To Coronavirus


The spread of the coronavirus has seen numerous studios trying to protect their investments by shifting around release dates for some of this year’s biggest films, with the latest James Bond movie No Time to Die now delayed until November and the Mouse House indefinitely delaying the release of Mulan over in China. As the world continues to panic about the virus and the risk it poses, Hollywood is keen to protect their properties and ensure that they don’t lose any of their potential earnings.

With no end in sight for the epidemic, it seems that the scare has now spread to television as well, with several high profile shows having been forced to halt production in recent weeks. The latest casualty is Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is currently shooting. Or should we say, was shooting, as the studio has now shut down production due to coronavirus fears.

Deadline has the scoop, telling us that the series was filming in Prague when the studio decided to pull the plug. The shoot was hoping to finish in about a week, but Marvel shut things down today and sent everyone back to Atlanta. It’s unclear as of yet when the production will return to Prague, but at this stage, it’s likely they’ll just find somewhere else to finish shooting whatever they weren’t able to.

As mentioned above, this is far from the first production/event/show to be impacted by the virus, as SXSW, Game Developers Conference, CinemaCon 2020 and even the premiere of Superman: Red Son have all been called off in recent weeks. And more are sure to follow as the situation only looks to be getting worse.

No word yet on if The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s release date will be impacted by production being shut down, but it doesn’t seem likely as there wasn’t much left to shoot, from what we understand. Still, as soon as we get an official update from Marvel or hear how things will proceed from here, we’ll be sure to let you know.