The Flash Season 6 Was Supposed To End On A Big Reverse-Flash Cliffhanger

The Flash

The Flash finally returns to our screens tonight after five weeks away. The CW pulled it from the schedules after production was halted over the COVID-19 breakout, but now the remaining episodes that were already in the can before things shut down are being rolled out. The good news is that we’ve got four more weeks of the season still ahead of us. The bad news is that the lockdown has robbed us of what sounds like an awesome finale.

While speaking to TV Line, the Scarlet Speedster himself, Grant Gustin, revealed that the season 6 finale was supposed to end on a major cliffhanger to do with the latest comeback of Reverse-Flash. However, with it being un-produced, the new finale will be episode 19, titled “Success is Assured.” That will also have some kind of cliffhanger though, which Gustin promises will be “pretty good.”

“There was going to be a big Thawne cliffhanger at the end of what this season would have been, but that’s not going to be the cliffhanger we get,” Gustin explained. “[Episode] 619, “Success Is Assured,” is going to end up being our finale, so we’re going to have a different cliffhanger than originally planned. But the cliffhanger at the end of 619 does serve as a pretty good finale.”

Eobard Thawne sat out “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” but he returned earlier on in season 6B. It was revealed that he’d been wiped from reality along with all the other Harrison Wellses, though his spirit had bonded to Nash’s brainwaves. The villain used this to temporarily possess him until Team Flash managed to expel Thawne from Nash’s body. But we know by now that you can’t kill the Reverse-Flash, so it’s no surprise that he was intended to return before the season was out.

Hopefully, we’ll see the original season finale eventually. 20 out of the season’s 22 episodes were completed before production halted, and we were told before that the plan was to go back and finish up the last two once everything clears up. These would then air later this year. For now, though, The Flash season 6 is wrapping up three episodes early.