Grant Gustin Teases How Barry Discovers The Truth About Iris On The Flash

The Flash

Viewers have been ahead of Barry Allen for the duration of The Flash season 6B as, while we all know the truth about Iris, the Scarlet Speedster is unaware that his wife is actually an evil duplicate and the real Iris is trapped in the mirrorverse. He’s bound to find out eventually, however, and star Grant Gustin has teased what the fallout will be for the West-Allens once he does.

The actor spoke to TV Line and hinted that, at some point soon, Barry will get “suspicious” of his spouse, which will cause him to realize that things haven’t been as they seemed for a long while.

“I think Barry has had enough distractions to not catch on as much as he should have sometimes,” Gustin said. “I’m sure viewers are screaming at Barry in certain moments, like, ‘How are you not realizing that something is off?!’ But he will be the first team member [outside of Wally] to start picking up that something is wrong with Iris, and he starts to get suspicious. There’s a breaking point where he looks back at the past few weeks and realizes this isn’t Iris.”

Gustin went on to say that there’s an “emotional connection” to how Barry is able to free Iris from the mirrorverse, but he explained that it won’t be something as straightforward as Iris being Barry’s “lightning rod.” Instead, we can expect the Mirror Iris to draw from the real Iris’ frustration with her husband, leading to a confrontation that will change the relationship between the couple for the remainder of the run.

“Right before Barry kind of figures out what’s going on, there’s a big fight scene, essentially, that is going to change the dynamic of Barry and Iris and that relationship moving forward for the rest of the season,” Gustin teased.

The Flash has been off our screens for five weeks, but finally returns to The CW tonight for episode 6×16 “So Long and Goodnight.” After this, we’ve got three installments left before the season wraps up early with episode 19. But expect a lot of West-Allen drama to come in the short time we’ve got left with Team Flash this year.