The Flash Faces A New Reality In Latest Promo For Season 3


The CW has released a new promo for the upcoming third season of The Flash, and while it’s a little light on new footage, it’s sure to get you excited about what’s on the way when the Fastest Man Alive returns next month. Once again giving us a peak at the altered Flashpoint timeline, things aren’t exactly looking good for Barry Allen.

It turns out that the new reality he created when he raced back in time to save his mother’s life is also giving him new memories, as the history he created starts to wipe out the old ones. If that’s left you feeling confused, then you’re obviously not familiar with The Flash, but the Reverse-Flash does a much better job of explaining the whole situation in the promo above.

How long this new reality will last and what sort of impact it’s going to have on the show moving forward when Barry inevitably sets things right isn’t clear, but it should shake things up in a significant way if the comic book story this arc is loosely based on is any indication. Many fans even believe that it will even lead to Supergirl being brought into the Arrowverse.

Expect to find out at least some answers when The Flash returns to The CW on October 4th.

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