The Flash Fans Are Devastated Over Cisco’s Emotional Exit

Cisco The Flash

It’s the end of an era. The Flash aired a milestone episode last night as Carlos Valdes made his final regular appearance on the long-running DC TV series, after being with the show since the very beginning. S.T.A.R. Labs’ resident genius engineer Cisco Ramon has always been a fan favorite, so understandably, Flash lovers are devastated over his exit, which came in 7×12 “Good-Bye Vibrations.”

Despite promos teasing Cisco was going to die, thankfully that didn’t turn out to be the case. After defeating a new version of Rainbow Raider, the former Vibe prepared to leave Central City to start a new life in Star City, alongside girlfriend Kamilla, where he’ll be taking a job with A.R.G.U.S. It was a pretty low-key farewell for the character, then, but an emotional and entertaining one all the same.

The episode’s final scenes showed Cisco taking one last, nostalgic look around the Cortex and then unwinding with the original Team Flash – Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), which resulted in the gang singing “Poker Face” together. There were laughs to be had, then, but also a lot of tears, and here’s how the fans reacted.

Here’s the aforementioned scene, which called back to a joke from The Flash‘s pilot.

At one point, Barry tells his old pal: “There wouldn’t be a Flash without Cisco Ramon.” And fans couldn’t handle it.

The logic here is sound.

But, for those of us who did watch it, we’re gonna need a minute.

Narrator: he wasn’t fine.

Every Flash fan is Pedro Pascal right now.

It won’t be the same without him.

The good news is that Valdes is set to return twice more this season – in the upcoming 150th episode and for the finale – so it’s not like he’s gone for good.

The Flash season 7 continues next Tuesday on The CW.