The Flash Promises To Unmask Savitar Next Week, New Killer Frost Images Emerge


Without a doubt, it’s been a long, long journey toward finding out the true identity of Savitar. After being cruelly tantalized a month ago, it seemed like we’d finally learn the truth during last night’s episode of The Flash. But, partway through, it became apparent that the producers were going to dangle that carrot for slightly longer. In fact, I fully admit that I was ready to shout a string of obscenities at my TV screen when the God of Speed removed his armor at the very end and we saw him only from behind.

Fortunately, the promo to follow swiftly curbed my rage as it promised that Savitar will be unmasked in next week’s installment, the appropriately titled “I Know Who You Are.” As a matter of fact, we’re going to do you a solid right now and treat you to an extended version of said trailer, which can be viewed at the top.

So, while you countdown the next six days, you can at least take solace in the fact that the pool of suspects has been generously reduced. From what we saw last night, it appears as though Savitar is a brunette male, so that points in the direction of a future version of Barry Allen, some iteration of Harrison Wells or, more likely, since Killer Frost was instantly willing to trust him, Ronnie Raymond.

Speaking of Killer Frost, TV Line released a couple pictures of her in a cool new costume, one that’s arguably superior to that of her Earth-2 counterpart. And while actress Danielle Panabaker has seemingly had a blast being a part of the S.T.A.R. Labs crew, it sounds like she’s more than ready to play the villain:

“Obviously, I was hired to play the very sweet scientist, but I’ve been super-excited about playing Killer Frost ever since I signed onto the show. It’s something that I really wanted. It’s a great way for people to see that this cast is capable of pulling off multiple characters.”

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.