The Flash Just Revealed What Really Happened To The Other Harrison Wellses

The Flash

One of the biggest changes of the post-Crisis Arrowverse is the elimination of doppelgängers. With Earth-Prime acting as a composite of many other pre-Crisis realities, there aren’t supposed to be any other versions of familiar characters out there in the multiverse anymore. However, even in the couple of months since “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” the various shows have already bent that rule. See Supergirl‘s evil Winn Schott/multiple Brainys or Batwoman‘s second Beth Kane.

The latest to do so is The Flash, whose most recent episode revealed the truth of what happened to the Harrison Wellses of the multiverse. It’s previously been established that Nash Wells is the only Wells left in existence, with the likes of Sherloque Wells and fan favorite Harry Wells from Earth-2 wiped from reality. However, Nash has been experiencing visions of his doppelgängers for weeks now. And yesterday’s “The Exorcism of Nash Wells” explained the reason why.

Though their physical forms are no longer out there in the multiverse, the consciousnesses of the various Wellses still live inside Nash – he’s now the embodiment of all the Harrison Wells there have ever been. This proves key in defeating Reverse-Flash, as the combined Wellses are able to dispel Eobard Thawne from their body. Nash might have got rid of a supervillain possessing him, but now he’s going to have to get used to sharing his form with all of his other selves.

This revelation is likely one that’ll please fans. The different Wellses have always been a major part of the show, with the news that Harry was no more particularly upsetting. Now, though, we know the Wellses have survived all along. It’s also worth considering if everyone else also has the minds of their doppelgängers trapped within their own, or if this is unique to Wells. Clearly, we’ve still got more to learn about the post-Crisis universe.

The Flash season 6 continues April 7th on The CW.