The Flash Season 5 Set Photo Teases A Big Flashback


What do we know about about Barry Allen as a person?

So far, we’ve learned that he’d do anything for his friends and family, and that, as the Flash, he’s saved Central City on numerous occasions. But aside from the obvious, very few can avoid making the obligatory jokes about his penchant for screwing with the timeline.

Well, as we found out in season 4’s finale, the Scarlet Speedster’s daughter from the future, Nora Allen-West, enjoys the very same pastime he made popular in his earlier days as a superhero. Not only that, but they and the rest of the STAR Labs crew will likely have to spend a good portion of season 5 cleaning up Nora’s mess.

Speaking of which, we may find out what the consequences of her actions will be sooner rather than later. Thanks to the following picture recently captured on the set and posted on YVRShoots’ Twitter page, we see Barry going about his business in the costume worn by him back in season 1.

Captioned with “What have you done Nora?,” the red insignia can plainly be seen on display here, thus letting us know the point in time being visited in this shot. Of course, the crew could merely be filming a flashback scene, but there may also be a heck of a lot more to this developing situation.

Whatever this ends up turning out to be, it’d be nice to see the producers venture away from time travel and leave that stuff to Legends of Tomorrow. In fact, the events laid out in The Flash #50 last week now make the timestream inaccessible to speedsters, so you won’t hear any complaints from me if the TV show follows the example set by the comics by letting go of this crutch.

Regardless, The Flash returns of its fifth season on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.