The Flash Season 3 Will Feature Todd Lasance – But Not As Savitar


You may recall some images from the season 3 set of The Flash that gave us a glimpse of a new black-clad speedster, and the actor (The Vampire Diaries‘ Todd Lasance) beneath the mask. Though we weren’t certain about this character’s identity at the time, it was recently revealed that Barry Allen and co. would be going up against DC villain Savitar on season 3 of The CW series. So, that must be who Lasance is playing… right?

Well, that’s what The Hollywood Reporter is reporting. They posted an article outlining what we can expect from this small-screen take on the baddie, and in it they say they’ve managed to confirm that Todd Lasance is indeed playing Savitar. The only problem is, producer Greg Berlanti then sent out a Tweet stating that they haven’t actually cast the character yet.

So, what’s going on then? Well, the most likely explanation is that THR simply made the same assumption the rest of us did once they found out that Savitar was going to feature on the show, but mixed up their speedsters – meaning that there’s probably going to be yet another super-fast individual for Barry to contend with when The Flash returns to The CW this October.

Source: THR

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