The Flash Season 4 Will End With Two Cliffhangers


The Flash fans are used to every season of the Scarlet Speedster’s show ending on a shocking cliffhanger that we have to wait all summer to see resolved. Season 1 stopped just as Barry Allen had to deal with a black hole opening above Central City, while season 2 saw him change time and save his mother from the Reverse-Flash and season 3 locked the hero away in the Speed Force version of heaven.

So, how will season 4 manage to top all that? Well, the tactic the writers are taking seems to be “the more the merrier,” as The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing has revealed that the finale will end on not one, but two separate cliffhangers that will tease what we can expect in season 5, which was officially confirmed by The CW last month.

One of these is pretty obvious for fans who’ve been watching closely. Ever since the “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover from last year, Jessica Parker-Kennedy has been sporadically appearing as a mystery girl who appears to know Team Flash more than she’s letting on. The most recent episode even showed us that she’s a speedster. So, it’s no surprise that EW has confirmed that the identity of the character will finally be revealed in the closing moments of the season.

The other cliffhanger, meanwhile, will involve a tease as to who’ll be the big bad of season 5. Seeing as we’ve still got a few episodes to go until we reach the finale, and are currently knee-deep in the last stretch of the Thinker’s big plan, we’re not too sure who this could be at the moment – but Helbing promises that those with a solid knowledge of the comics will likely figure it out ahead of time.

“Most people that are familiar with comics will probably be able to deduce who the big bad is for next season.”

The Flash continues with episode 4×20, “Harry and the Harrisons,” next Tuesday on The CW.

Source: EW