The Flash Drops Several New Hints Regarding The Mystery Girl


As I began writing this, it dawned on me that it’s kind of funny how we’ve universally referred to Jessica Parker Kennedy’s character on The Flash as “the Mystery Girl.” Then again, we’ve been given no confirmation as to whom she may actually be since she first showed up during last fall’s Crisis on Earth-X crossover, so it’s pretty understandable that we do so.

Given that Kennedy is said to play a big part next season though, it’s expected that we be provided some answers as the current run speeds toward its conclusion. In fact, several clues concerning the Mystery Girl’s identity were dropped near the end of last night’s episode, “Therefore She Is.”

First, it should be mentioned that she happened to show up at Joe and Cecille’s baby shower bearing gifts, immediately placing suspicions into my mind that she’s actually their unborn child, as opposed to being the future offspring of Barry and Iris as many have been expecting.

Additionally, it should be noted that she pretty much spilled the beans when it came to Cecille’s due date, that being 21 days removed from last night. As it so happens, that’d place it at May 22, which is when the season finale is slated to air. That said, it’s probably safe to assume we’ll get some concrete answers that very evening.

Finally, there was the obvious: She sped away once she was further down the hall, thus confirming her powers. To date, fan theories have placed her as being XS, but if she does turn out to be Joe and Cecille’s kid, I’m still not willing to rule out my suspicion of her being a gender-swapped version of Daniel West.

For those of you who read the comics, Daniel was the New 52’s take on the Reverse-Flash, so I’m thinking it’s within the realm of possibility that the Mystery Girl be named something like “Danielle” or “Dani.” Time will tell, of course, but isn’t speculation part of the fun when it comes to fully enjoying these shows?

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.