Could The Flash’s Mystery Girl Actually Be The Reverse-Flash?


Ever since she first appeared at Barry Allen and Iris West’s wedding last fall during the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, pretty much every Arrowverse fan has been left scratching their heads as to whom the mystery girl played by Jessica Parker Kennedy (Smallville) may be. And, to further complicate matters, she’s popped up in a few episodes of The Flash in the time since.

From the look of things, many of us have been able to deduce that she’s probably a time traveler, most likely having some sort of relation to Barry and Iris – and that she’s possibly a speedster herself. As such, the prevailing theories are that she’s either their daughter, Dawn Allen, or their granddaughter, Jenni Ognats.

And while those remain the two most solid bets, none of us can be too sure of whether she’s friend or foe. In fact, has given some credence to the fan theory that she could actually be the Reverse-Flash in his deepest of covers yet.

If your memory serves you well, then you’ll recall that Eobard Thawne – once again wearing the face of Harrison Wells, mind you – said this to Barry Allen before parting ways in Crisis on Earth-X: “”I wonder what face I’ll be wearing next time we meet, Flash.” So, naturally, this has cast some suspicion over our mystery girl.

Compelling as that may be, it should be noted that she appeared well before that verbal exchange was had, so we can’t be too sure. Still, we’re willing to think she could be the Reverse-Flash – just not Eobard Thawne.

Mystery Girl Reverse Flash

You see, in the days of the New 52, we met a different iteration of the Reverse-Flash in the form of Daniel West, who came from the very family Flash fans know and love. Factoring in how executive producer Todd Helbing said he and his colleagues may be throwing us a curveball of sorts, a female spin on the character shouldn’t be ruled out.

To date, we’ve seen gender-flipped versions of villains like the Fiddler and the Bug-Eyed Bandit, so who’s to say that Daniel West won’t be adapted as Danielle West, Dani West, or something similar? Really, it’s something to think about as season 4 winds down.

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.

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