Could Iris’ Costume Hint At The Identity Of The Flash’s Mystery Character?


Yesterday brought us our first look at Iris West’s superhero costume, ahead of “Run, Iris, Run” – an upcoming episode of The Flash that will see Barry’s wife temporarily gain speedster powers. In the process though, it might have provided some further evidence of a widely-believed fan theory; that Jessica Parker Kennedy’s mystery character is a descendant of Barry and Iris.

The key is the purple and white colour scheme of Iris’ costume, which contrasts with the typical red and yellow outfits worn by the rest of the speedsters who have worked with Team Flash. However, the costume does have its design in common with the outfits worn by two female speedsters from the comics. For one, Dawn Allen, Barry and Iris’ daughter, who inherited her dad’s abilities along with her twin Don. The second is Jenni Ognats, another Allen from the far future who’s part of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

These are the two main suspects for who Kennedy’s mystery woman is. The actress first appeared as an unnamed waitress at the West-Allen wedding in the opening episode of last year’s crossover event “Crisis on Earth-X.” Due to her keen interest in how the day went, fans suspected she was a future member of the family who’s gone back in time to witness the couple’s big day. This idea was later fueled by her second cameo appearance in “The Elongated Knight Rises,” which saw her interact with Cisco and Ralph and scribble the same symbols that Barry used when he had just emerged from the Speed Force.

The use of these characters’ colour scheme in Iris’ costume could just be a neat nod from the production team with the aim of adding more fuel to the fan theory. But alternatively, it might be setting up a major role for Kennedy in the future. Maybe she makes use of Iris’ old suit when she no longer needs it?

We’ll just have to keep watching The Flash to find out if we’re on the right track or not, but something tells us that there’s more to Iris’ costume than meets the eye. Wouldn’t you agree?