The Flash’s Mystery Girl Is Going To Play An Important Role Next Season


The Flash season 4 has had a perplexing mystery going on in the background: what’s the identity of Jessica Parker Kennedy’s character who keeps turning up? The young woman appears to know more about Barry Allen and his friends than she lets on, after first giving the Scarlet Speedster some advice at his wedding to Iris West in last year’s “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover.

We’ve been promised that the reveal of the so-called Mystery Girl’s identity will happen very soon and what’s more, once we know the truth that definitely won’t be it for the character, as she’ll apparently go on to have a major role in season 5, which was recently commissioned. Here’s what showrunner Todd Helbing told TV Line:

“Everyone will get an answer to who exactly The Mystery Girl is, and how she plays into not only this season but next season.”

So, let’s look at the clues as to her true identity so far, shall we? Due to the nature of the show and her giddiness at encountering the STAR Labs gang as if they were celebrities, it’s generally assumed that she’s someone from the future who knows all about the Flash’s legendary exploits. Furthermore, it’s likely that she’s a speedster, too, as she was seen to be writing the strange symbols that Barry drew when he emerged from the Speed Force at the beginning of the season.

Given this, the two most common theories are that she’s either a version of Dawn Allen, Barry and Iris’ speedy daughter from the comics who forms the Tornado Twins superhero team with her brother Don, or Jenni Ognats, another descendant of the Flash from much further in the future. Alternatively, maybe she’ll turn out to be Reverse-Flash?

For now, we’re not too sure, though the actress has teased that her next appearance on the show will clear things up. So, be sure to keep watching The Flash every Tuesday on The CW to find out the truth.

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