The Flash Season 6 Photo Offers Best Look Yet At Barry’s New Suit

Flash Barry season 5

The Flash‘s costume has changed a fair amount over the past five seasons, and season 6 will usher in yet another new suit for the Scarlet Speedster. We previously got our first look at the revamped outfit in a photoshoot this summer and now, TV Line has shared an exclusive promo image from the season premiere which offers our best glimpse at it yet.

As you can see, the suit itself is mostly similar to the one introduced last year, as brought back from the future by Nora West-Allen. The most notable change, though, is the re-insertion of a chin-strap to the helmet, after the previous year’s version was criticized for lacking one by fans.

Check out the new look in the gallery below:

The premiere, titled “Into the Void,” is set to bring back Godspeed as the villain-of-the-week, following his popular debut in season 5. He won’t be the big bad this season, though, as that (dis)honor falls to Bloodwork, as played by Senhil Ramamurthy, a former colleague of Caitlin’s who develops a grudge against Team Flash for unknown reasons. To be precise, he’ll serve as the main antagonist for the first half of the season, as another villain will then take over after Christmas.

The reason for the split is because we’ve been told The Flash will be hugely affected by the events of “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Just as the first half will lead up to the massive multiversal crossover event, the second will be dealing with the fallout. There’s talk of “Crisis” completely realigning the Arrowverse, too, so it makes sense that The Flash, which has always been keen to explore the multiverse, would touch on the negative repercussions of this.