Crisis On Infinite Earths Will Impact All Of The Flash Season 6

The Flash Season 4

Crisis on Infinite Earths” will change the Arrowverse in many untold ways going forward, with it previously being revealed that Arrow would be the most affected by the crossover. However, we’ve now learned that The Flash season 6 will feel the impact of the multiversal incident right the way through its 22 episodes.

New showrunner Eric Wallace told Newsarama that fans can expect season 6 to feed into “Crisis,” both before the event and afterwards. According to him, both Barry Allen’s own storyline and the big bad’s arc will be tied into the crossover.

“Even after ‘Crisis,’ the fallout from it continues to build and screw with Team Flash. In the first pre-‘Crisis’ episodes, as the big bad is getting introduced, like we always do – we will see a relationship of what’s coming in ‘Crisis’ with what’s happening to Barry with what’s happening to the new big bad. They are all interrelated.”

The season 6 trailer introduced us to the next foe threatening Central City, Dr. Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork (Sendhil Ramamurphy) – a doctor who once had noble aspirations but appears to have been corrupted by his hatred of Team Flash. This year will be structured differently from previous seasons, however, with Bloodwork only serving as the main antagonist of the first half. The second half will then introduce a second big bad, whose identity is currently under wraps.

Set photos have also revealed that Godspeed will be in the season 6 opener, with August Heart actor Kindall Charters confirming that he’ll be back to face the Scarlet Speedster. Snaps from filming have given us a look at Tom Cavanagh’s latest version of Harrison Wells, too, plus Danielle Panabaker’s new Killer Frost costume.

The Flash season 6 kicks off on The CW in less than a couple of months, on Tuesday, October 8th. The five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths” then begins eight weeks after that on December 8th.