The Flash Fights Godspeed In New Season 6 Set Photos


Godspeed, one of the most standout rogues from recent Flash comics, made his Arrowverse debut in an episode of The Flash season 5, and he was instantly a hit with viewers. Fans lamented that the evil Speedster was only used as a one-off villain though when he has so much potential and it seems as if the showrunners have listened, as these new set photos reveal that Godspeed will return in season 6.

Shooting on what’s presumably the premiere is currently unfolding in Vancouver and Hollywood North managed to capture some snaps which tease a big battle between Grant Gustin’s Scarlet Speedster and Godspeed on the streets of Central City. As you can see in the gallery below, the Flash looks set to win the fight, even unmasking his foe after getting him in handcuffs.

If you’ll recall, in episode 5×18 “Godspeed,” Nora West-Allen foiled the villain’s schemes in the year 2049. However, the season 5 finale saw her erased from the timeline, possibly meaning that Godspeed was never defeated and became a bigger threat. Literally, it seems, as the antagonist appears much bulkier than when previously seen.

Alternatively, the actor under the mask in one of the shots above is not the same one (Kindall Charters) who played August Heart, Godspeed’s civilian identity, in season 5. So perhaps, similar to Cicada last year, the change to history has created a different version of the sinister Speedster to come about in the present day.

It doesn’t look like this new version of Godspeed is going to stick around any longer than the last one, though. Especially not if Barry’s going to best him in combat and unmask him in his first episode. That presumably means we can rule him out as season 6’s big bad. We’ve previously theorized that the top contenders for that role are Red Death, mentioned last year, or the Evan McCulloch version of Mirror Master. But as of yet, we have no confirmation.

In any case, we’ll probably get an official look at what’s been filmed of The Flash season 6 so far at the show’s Comic-Con panel on Saturday, July 20th, so stay tuned.