The Flash Season 6 Teased A Major DC Hero This Week


The Arrowverse is expanding all the time, with the freshly-arrived Batwoman, for example, meaning The CW can properly get to grips with the Bat-mythos for the first time. Fans have learned over the years though that often new characters and elements are first teased via namedrops and references before they appear on-screen. Sometimes these easter eggs take a while to pay off, but more often than not they end up going somewhere. Bearing that in mind, The Flash season 6 may have just opened the doors to a whole other realm of the DC universe within the Arrowverse.

In episode 6×02 “A Flash of the Lightning,” Barry Allen travels to Earth-3 to consult his fellow speedster Jay Garrick about the incoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Tying into the destruction of Earth-2 over on Arrow season 8’s premiere, Garrick has a map of the multiverse that marks the spread of antimatter that’s slowly wiping out all of reality. Some of the worlds on Jay’s map are labelled by the name of a hero who hails from there. For instance, one is linked to “Thaddeus Brown.”

In DC lore, Thaddeus Brown was a circus escape artist who went by the stage name Mister Miracle and who died in the opening issue of the comic book series of the same name from Jack “The King of Comics” Kirby. As you may know, Brown’s alias was then picked up by heroic New God Scott Free, a frequent member of the Justice League alongside his lady love Big Barda. Though Brown himself is not a New God, the fact that Kirby’s Fourth World mythology is being even slightly alluded to in the Arrowverse could be a bid deal.

Is there even the tiniest chance that Darkseid could make himself known in the franchise? Ava DuVernay’s working on her New Gods movie, which might put the dampers on that, but the Arrowverse has managed some impressive feats in the past. If there’s more from this corner of the DC universe to come, we should probably expect some additional references in the “Crisis” crossover.

Source: ScreenRant