The Flash Season 7 Just Brought Back A Long Dead Character

The Flash

The Flash season 7 premiere went and killed off Nash Wells, the last Wells in the multiverse, so it seemed like series regular Tom Cavanagh might’ve been leaving the show. We should’ve known that the long-running tradition of introducing a new Wells every year wasn’t going to stop, though, and the new season’s second episode does just that. But, in doing so, it brought a character back from the dead that we didn’t see coming.

7×02 “The Speed of Thought” ends with a flashback to, er, a flashback originally shown in season 1 – the moment Reverse-Flash killed Earth-1’s Harrison Wells and took his form. We then see the supervillain using his speed to bury the desiccated corpse of the genius scientist and leave. What appears to be seconds later, however, green particles begin to coalesce above the grave and take the form of a resurrected Wells, looking both stunned and grateful for his second chance at life.

It’s fair to say we have a lot of questions after this surprising twist. Has the original Wells been alive this whole time? If so, then what’s he been doing all these years? Why not contact Team Flash before this point? And if he was only just revived now, how come? Is it something to do with the sacrifice of Nash and the other Wells? Will this Harrison embody all the others Wellses, too? Does he know that Reverse-Flash stole his life and built S.T.A.R. Labs in his stead?

It should be interesting to see how Team Flash reacts to the original Wells, as Barry, Caitlin and Cisco were close to who they thought was the original Wells, but that was really Eobard Thawne in disguise. Will they share the same warm rapport with the real deal? And also, could he prove to be the key to restoring Barry’s speed? After all, he was the genius to first conceive of the particle accelerator that gave the hero his powers originally.

Hopefully The Flash will provide some answers in its next episode, airing Tuesday, March 16th on The CW.