The Flash Season 7 Finale Synopsis Teases A Speedster-Filled Showdown


The first plot details of The Flash season 7 finale tease a speedster-filled showdown to conclude the current run of The CW’s hit Arrowverse series. The shortened seventh season – which clocks in at 18 episodes – will end with “Heart of the Matter, Part 2”, which follows on from the penultimate installment, the show’s extra-special 150th episode. And this official synopsis promises a truly thrilling finale.

We know by now that “Heart of the Matter, Part 1” will be stacked with speedsters, as Godspeed is set to finally make his proper debut in the new timeline, with Barry and Iris’ son Bart Allen AKA Impulse (Jordan Fisher) joining the cast, too. This newly unveiled synopsis for “Part 2” teases that not only will Bart stick around for the next episode, but Barry will bring his whole family together – including daughter Nora/XS – to defeat Godspeed once and for all.

“SEASON FINALE – The Flash (Grant Gustin) enlists a host of speedster allies, including Iris (Candice Patton) and his children from the future—Bart (guest star Jordan Fisher) and Nora West-Allen (guest star Jessica Parker Kennedy) – to end the speedster war and defeat a deadly new adversary: the villainous Godspeed (guest star Karan Oberoi). Marcus Stokes directed the episode written by Eric Wallace & Kelly Wheeler.”

So this synopsis gives away one major twist in the 150th episode: Iris is about to get speedster powers again. Barry’s wife briefly gained her husband’s abilities in an episode of season 4, when a meta switched the couple’s DNA, with her super-suit later being worn by Nora. It’s unclear if Iris will keep her powers this time around, which would be a huge twist to the show’s status quo. At the very least, we know she’ll have them for at least two episodes this time as the whole West-Allen clan will be battling August Heart together.

Speaking of which, this synopsis also confirms that Karan Oberoi is taking over the role of the villain for season 7, after Kindall Charters played him in his initial season 5 appearance. It’s unknown if B.D. Wong will return to provide his voice. Fans are eagerly awaiting the answer to why Godspeed has been sending his drones to attack Team Flash over the past two years instead of just coming after them himself.

The Flash season 7 has just three episodes left to go. Don’t miss episode 7×16 “P.O.W.” on The CW next Tuesday, June 6th.