The Flash’s Candice Patton Has The Perfect Response To Iris Hater

The Flash Trailer

If you’re part of The Flash fandom, you’ll know that a vocal subset of fans have a strange grudge against Iris West-Allen. Sure, she might not be everyone’s favorite character on the show, but most of us know she’s a key part of the series and enjoy having her as part of Team Flash. At the very least, we have the decency not to send angry tweets to actress Candice Patton on social media. Thankfully, though, Patton doesn’t let these get to her. In fact, she had the perfect response to the latest troll who appeared on her feed.

The other day, Patton shared a selfie on Twitter. As you’d expect, most responses were positive and friendly, but one user wasn’t reading the room. “You single handily [sic] ruined Flash,” they wrote. The actress’ golden reply? “And got paid big bucks to do it!”

I think the following GIF best sums up our reaction to that:

As you’d imagine, fans loved the clapback, with the tweet currently standing at 1.3K likes. Many also gave their own counter-arguments in support of Patton and Iris.

Don’t worry, Flash fans, Iris ain’t going anywhere. In fact, she’s due to become increasingly important to the ongoing mystery unfolding across season 6, according to showrunner Eric Wallace. What’s more, she’s set to play a key role in the upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, too. EP Marc Guggenheim recently teased that the ace reporter will be the one to recruit “the seventh Paragon” to the heroes’ cause.

The Flash is taking a week off this week but will return on Tuesday, November 19th with “License To Elongate,” as directed by Danielle Panabaker. For more, check out the synopsis below:

“Barry turns his attention to prepping Elongated Man for life after Crisis and without The Flash, but Ralph ultimately teaches Barry a lesson. Meanwhile, Cecile faces her own moment of self-discovery while helping a recuperated Chester P. Runk reclaim his identity.”