Arrow EP Teases The Seven Paragons Of Crisis On Infinite Earths


Crisis on Infinite Earths” is now just under a month away, and we’re learning more and more about the incoming crossover as the start date nears. Just yesterday, for instance, Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim held an impromptu Q&A about the event on his Twitter account. One fan asked him about what viewers of The Flash could look forward to and in response, Guggenheim teased what looks to be a major story element of the crossover.

The producer’s reply saw him reveal how integral Candice Patton’s Iris West-Allen is to “Crisis,” promising that the reporter from Central City will be the one who “recruits the seventh Paragon.”

So, what the heck are Paragons? The opening scene of Arrow‘s eighth season premiere featured some narration from the Monitor which explained this. He remarked that all people aren’t born equal and, in fact, there are some upon which the fate of the world rests. Not just heroes, but the very best of the heroes out there: Paragons. We were left to conclude that Oliver Queen is one of them.

Who could the other six be, though? Well, an obvious suggestion would be that the leads of the other four Arrowverse shows are Paragons, too. That’d be Barry Allen, Supergirl, Batwoman and Sara Lance. So that makes five. There are three Supermen in “Crisis,” too, so one of them is bound to be a Paragon, right? Maybe Tyler Hoechlin’s version, seeing as he’s about to get his own spinoff show?

And that leaves the elusive seventh Paragon. It’s worth mentioning that Ryan Choi is joining the Arrowverse for this crossover, played by Osric Chau, with TV Insider reporting his ordinary life will be turned upside down when he learns he has “a pivotal role” to play in the multiverse-threatening event. Could the second Atom be the Paragon that Iris recruits to the cause?

We’ll find out when “Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off on The CW on December 8th.