The Flash Star Says Season 6 Will See The Show Grow Up And Get Real

The Flash Season 4

The Flash is coming up to half a dozen years on the air, and it sounds like it’s about time that it grew up. Star Carlos Valdes, who’s been with The CW show since the very beginning as STAR Labs’ resident tech genius Cisco Ramon, has now teased that season 6 will be much more mature than previous runs and will see things “getting real.”

Valdes attended Salt Lake City’s Fan X convention over the weekend, ahead of season 6’s arrival next month, and talked a little about what fans can expect when the Scarlet Speedster returns. The actor said that the challenge this year is to bring a “maturity” to the show as well as keeping it just as fun and exciting as The Flash should be.

“This season, our show is getting kind of real, a little bit. Like it’s kind of growing up a little bit, as the fandom sort of grows up. And I think with that maturity comes some more difficult backstories and difficult characters, if you sort of catch my drift. So that’s definitely been the most recent challenge is ‘How do I honor that realness and that maturity and depth while also making sure that it doesn’t sort of sag the energy. So that it’s still exciting and funny and full of heart and everything that I think makes the show so popular.”

These are bold, intriguing words from Valdes, but they fit with what we know about season 6 so far. Obviously, things will start out pretty bleak due to what happened in the season 5 finale, with Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora being wiped from the timeline. The West-Allens will no doubt be grieving when we catch up with them again, something that’ll affect the whole team.

Meanwhile, there’s a new dangerous foe at large in Central City. As shown in the trailer (see above), Dr. Ramsey Rosso, an old colleague of Caitlin’s, will develop a grudge against Team Flash and become the supervillain Bloodwork. He’ll serve as the big bad for the first half of the season before another, currently unknown, antagonist takes over for the second half.

The reason for the split is because of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover happening in the middle, which we know will have a major impact on The FlashBut are fans ready for things to “get real”? We’ll find out when season 6 kicks off on Tuesday, October 8th.