Crisis On Infinite Earths Will Turn Everything Upside Down For Team Flash

The Flash Season 4

The Flash has been teasing an incoming crisis since its very first episode, with the event always said to come in 2024. However, as an outcome of season 5, it’s been brought forward by five years and we’ll see how the fabled multiversal cataclysm goes down in this fall’s big Arrowverse crossover, “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” As you would expect though, it’s going to have some major repercussions for our heroes and their world.

In a new interview with TV Line to hype up the series’ return for its sixth season next month, showrunner Eric Wallace teased how “Crisis” will affect Team Flash, promising that it’ll turn everything upside down.

“It’s like stepping on a landmine. All of a sudden the future is today, and that turns everything upside-down. You’ll see each member of Team Flash react in their own unique, and sometimes tragic, way.”

We’ve previously had it teased that The Flash season 6 would be hugely impacted by both the run-up to “Crisis” and its after-effects. In fact, the season will be split into two storylines because of it. The first half will feature Bloodwork as the big bad, with his narrative somehow tying in with the lead-in to the crossover. Then, after the event’s wrapped up in January, the second half will introduce a second, currently unknown, antagonist and explore a post-Crisis universe.

As per the original comic book, we’d expect “Crisis on Infinite Earths” to reset the Arrowverse in a range of key ways, so it’s bound to make the impact that Flashpoint or Nora and Cicada had on the timeline look small-fry. We know that it’ll likely see the death of Green Arrow and move Supergirl onto Earth-1, but we’ve yet to discover exactly how The Flash will be influenced by the event. We’ll find out when it kicks off this December, though.