The Flash’s Danielle Panabaker Teases Killer Frost’s Future


Though The Flash‘s fourth season did a fine job of tying up the Thinker’s arc, there were still some threads left dangling after May’s finale. And no, we’re not talking about what’s to come with Nora Allen-West, but rather, the developing situation involving Caitlin Snow.

If you’ll remember, one of our favorite stalwarts lost connection to her Killer Frost alter ego late last season, but as it turns out, she has memories of using her powers as a child. Therefore, the particle accelerator explosion was not the cause of her metahuman abilities.

So, once the series resumes this fall, it should be most intriguing to see whatever – or whomever – is responsible for making Caitlin into such a cool customer. Speaking of which, actress Danielle Panabaker touched on this very subject while chatting with at San Diego Comic-Con, and had this to offer:

“I think it’s going to be really important. You know, toward the end of the season we saw Caitlin try to understand a little bit more of why she disappeared… so I think also this year she’s uncovering some mysteries about Killer Frost and how Killer Frost came to be and we’re going to see her delve into that.”

Right now, all we can really do is formulate hypotheses until it’s actually showtime, but it is worth pointing out that the producers are looking to cast Caitlin’s father. Of course, there’s no guarantee of him being the culprit, but he has to rank pretty high on our list of suspects.

If not him, then perhaps incoming big bad Cicada will have that connection to Killer Frost. It may be a bit of a leap, sure, but it’d allow for him to be a contemporary villain for her, and not just Barry Allen. Come to think of it, Ms. Snow has quite the history of getting involved with overarching villains in some capacity, so there’s no reason to see the tradition cease.

The Flash returns for its fifth season on Tuesday, October 9 on The CW.