The Flash’s Grant Gustin Reveals Which Marvel Character He’d Like To Play


Fans often ask their favorite superhero actors which characters they’d play if they switched comic book universes. For instance, Justice League stars Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller were recently pressed for who they’d portray if they left the DC world for Marvel. Likewise, while attending a panel at ACE Comic-Con this weekend in Seattle, The Flashs Grant Gustin revealed which of Marvel’s many heroes he’d pick for himself.

The man who brings the Scarlet Speedster to life on The CW chose one of the House of Ideas’ most popular names for his pick: Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man. The actor expressed his affection for two of the guys to have played the webslinger on the big screen before, but still admitted he wouldn’t mind stepping into their shoes one day.

“Spider-Man. I love Tom Holland, but Spider-Man. I love Andrew Garfield too, while we’re talking about it.”

If his career had gone differently, Gustin actually could have been a great choice to play Spidey. He definitely has the look for the role and the ability to play a fun-loving superhero who also feels the weight of responsibility of what he does on his shoulders. In fact, there are quite a few similarities between Barry Allen and Parker. They both got their powers from scientific mishaps, both have an interest in science, they both wear red, they’re in love with a “girl next door” type character, their nemesis is a shady CEO (Harrison Wells, Norman Osborn), etc.

One area in which the heroes differ, though, is that time travel is a big part of the Flash’s mythology. And a timey-wimey event will prove to be a big deal for Barry in the upcoming fifth season of The Flash. That’s because at the same panel, Gustin revealed that Nora Allen, the West-Allens’ grown-up daughter from the future, will throw the couple for a loop when the show returns as they now have to adjust to the shock of getting to know a child they haven’t even had yet. Yikes!

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