Grant Gustin Teases His Beefy Transformation For The Flash Season 7 In New Workout Pics

The Flash

Despite all of that running, Grant Gustin’s physique on The Flash always left much to be desired, especially when compared to his comic counterparts or even former iterations of the Scarlet Speedster on television. But now, it seems that the COVID-19 quarantine has given the actor plenty of time to amend that particular, albeit insignificant, idiosyncrasy.

The crew of The CW’s long-running series is currently busy shooting the next run after the last outing’s cliffhanger ending. As you’ll know, season 6 came to a premature end due to the COVID-19 pandemic with only 19 episodes as opposed to the usual block of 22. That’s why the upcoming seventh outing will kickstart things by concluding the story of Mirror Master and determining Iris’ fate in the Mirrorverse. After that, the show will go on to set up the next villain in the story of Barry Allen, which will supposedly be the biggest challenge of his entire career as Central City’s superhero.

So, plot-wise, season 7 will put a unique spin on the already established narrative structure. But apparently, that won’t be the only major change that fans will have to adjust to. Grant Gustin recently took to his Instagram account to share photos of his workout, which showcase a bulkier figure for the star, and you can check them out down below:

Explaining his decision to work on his physique, here’s an excerpt of what the actor wrote in his post:

“Covid and the time to just be alone with myself a lot more really helped kickstart wanting to be a better me. That’s included eating better (and more), working out, daily meditation, and just trying to be more present and happy with who I am.”

It’s great to see the titular star of The Flash in a better headspace than before, especially considering his long battle with anxiety, which he also detailed in the aforementioned post. But beyond that, fans must be wondering how this beefy physique will affect Barry Allen’s presence on the screen. Personally, we can’t wait to find out when season 7 premieres on March 2nd.