John Wesley Shipp Reacts To His Flash Co-Star’s Tragic Death

The Flash John Wesley Shipp

Friday brought some tragic news for fans of The Flash as we discovered that 16-year-old actor Logan Williams had passed away from unknown causes. Williams portrayed Barry Allen as a child on the hit CW series during the earlier portion of its run, wracking up a total of eight appearances on the show.

Ever since the news broke, DC fans have been paying their respects to Williams and his family and reflecting on his tragic loss on social media. As have those who worked with him on The Flash.  Grant Gustin, for instance, has shared his heartbroken response to Williams’ passing on Instagram. His co-star and on-screen father John Wesley Shipp has likewise shared his reaction to the sad news on Twitter.

Over the past couple of seasons of the show, Shipp has played Jay Garrick and Earth-90’s Barry Allen, but he worked with Williams via his original role as Henry Allen.

“Heartsick to learn of Logan Williams’ death at 16,” Shipp wrote. “He was 100% committed to playing young Barry Allen, and we missed him once we moved past that part of the story. Love and compassion to Logan’s family and friends in your grief.”

Apart from his role on The Flash, Williams’ other credits include recurring parts on Hallmark’s Where Calls the Hearts, horror series The Whispers and an appearance in an episode of Supernatural season 11. His family have expressed their devastation at his loss, especially coming as it does during the current pandemic so they cannot comfort each other during this difficult time.

As the posts from his co-stars Gustin and Shipp reminds us, Williams will go down as one of a very select and hallowed group of actors who got to play the iconic part of the Scarlet Speedster on screen, so he’ll always occupy an important place in DC history.

The Flash season 6 returns with episode 16 “So Long and Goodnight” on April 21st.