The Flash’s Nora West-Allen Likely Has More Crossovers In Her Future


When it comes to The Flash, we normally speculate on the identity of the main villain for much of a given season, but the latest run was pretty straightforward in that regard since Clifford DeVoe was obviously the Thinker. However, the “Mystery Girl” left pretty much everybody scratching their heads since her initial appearance in last fall’s “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover.

Thankfully, we were all able to sleep easier at night once the season finale confirmed that she is, in fact, Nora, the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West from the future. What’s more is that she’s a speedster herself and will play a big role in season 5.

So, if indeed Jessica Parker Kennedy’s character sees a lot of action in the coming year, then it stands to reason she could find herself participating in the next big crossover that’s set to introduce Batwoman. If not, smaller scale team-ups could still be in her future.

We say that because, while appearing at a recent convention, series stars such as Kennedy and Danielle Nicolet talked about crossing over to other DC shows, as the latter had this to offer:

“I was really excited to pop over to Supergirl for five seconds last season and I don’t think I’m spoiling anything to say there are going to be more crossovers this next season. Yes, there is a very strong likelihood that one or two people at this table – maybe both – will be crossing over.”

Don’t forget, Nicolet has already expressed desire to crossover with Black Lightning, so we can’t rule out that possibility entirely. But to be honest, Kennedy has the better chance of making the trip to, say, Star City or National City, as she added the following:

“I think crossovers are the coolest. The very first episode I did was a crossover and it was awesome and everyone was there and everyone was in a good mood. I feel like it’s so fun to do that.”

The Flash returns for its fifth season on Tuesday nights this fall on The CW, with the next major Arrowverse crossover slated to air in December.