Foggy Nelson may want to avoid Nick Fury if the recent MCU rumors are true

Foggy in Daredevil
Image via Marvel

With Charlie Cox back in the horned suit for Daredevil: Born Again, fans have been desperate to see his co-stars, Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson, return to reprise their roles as Karen Page and Foggy Nelson. With the rumor mill re-churned up in the last 24 hours, with many now believing that they are back, Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson is stepping in to let us know his thoughts on the character of Foggy.

It isn’t fully clear where the latest rumors actually stem from, or if there is any truth in them, but unofficial Marvel Twitter channels are posting that the two actors will be returning to their roles in the Disney reboot. There has been no official word to confirm this.

The rumors could potentially be coming from the appearance of Cox and Henson at a recent German Comic Con which saw both actors discussing their respective roles, with Cox saying:

“I don’t know what’s going to happen with the characters in the show, but I know for a fact that Deborah and Elden were the heart beat of what we did before and the show is a success because of them.”

This of course has no official bearing on whether or not Disney will take into account Cox’s desire to have his co-stars back, but it does show that, as the lead, he supports their return to their roles.

The characters have had a divided response from fans, with many echoing Cox’s sentiments while others really can’t stand them, especially Foggy. This could be down to Foggy’s dislike of Matt’s superhero antics and getting in the way of what fans want to see (the action) that has fans booing him through their screens, which also included Jackson.

The Marvel veteran who watched the show closer to its release date back when it was over on Netflix, shared his thoughts on Twitter at the time. He appeared to be loving the show but he really did not want good things for Foggy. We wonder if his thoughts changed at all in season three.

To wish one of the most gruesome scenes from Game of Thrones to occur to another person implies a serious level of dislike. We can only say poor Foggy, and hope that if he ever does enter the MCU that he doesn’t run across Nick Fury at any point.

Daredevil: Born Again is due to arrive on Disney Plus as an 18-episode series in 2024.