Here’s What Was Shown From The Mandalorian At Celebration


This year’s Star Wars Celebration offered a generous array of material from The Mandalorian over the weekend, including some new character photos and the show’s first trailer. On top of that, attendees were treated to some scenes from the first live-action Star Wars TV series, and while the preview has yet to be officially released online, was at the panel to report what they saw.

Firstly, it’s said that Pedro Pascal’s title character is given a mission that’s too secretive to be put on record:

“The footage opens with Grief Marga sitting with The Mandalorian in a cantina, running through a series of ‘pucks’ that each signify a different bounty. He mentions one job that’s so secret, it can’t be recorded in a puck. He gives the Mandalorian a card that will lead him to the location where he will learn about the job face-to-face.”

After that, the footage offers a glimpse of the shady community that the Mandalorian will navigate, before he gets into a tense exchange with Werner Herzog’s character:

“The Mandalorian exits the cantina and walks through a city square. A Kowakian monkey-lizard like Salacious Crumb is roasting on a spit, while one cackles from a cage. The Mandalorian arrives at a building, where he is greeted by a GNK droid. He is led into a room full of stormtroopers, who are surrounding Werner Herzog’s character. The Mandalorian prepares to fight, is told that it would be a 4 against 1 fight, and remarks ‘I like those odds.’ Omid Abtahi’s character, a doctor of some sort, enters the room, and nervously worries that The Mandalorian is going to shoot him.”

Once things calm down a little, Herzog’s character explains the top secret details of the job:

“Werner’s character tells The Mandalorian to stand down, and begins to explain the job in further detail. The Mandalorian needs to bring the target back alive, but a smaller reward will be allowed if he can bring proof of termination. Werner shows a small piece of what the reward will be – Beskar, which he has a huge deposit of. He also gives The Mandalorian what details he can about his target — it’s someone in their fifties. As The Mandalorian leaves, Werner’s character remarks that Beskar should be back in the hands of a Mandalorian, especially after such a period of unrest in the galaxy.”

From here, the footage seems to skip ahead to a scene showcasing the characters played by Gina Carano, Giancarlo Esposito and Taika Waititi:

“The Lucasfilm logo is shown. The Razorcrest ship flies across the sky. The Mandalorian sees Cara Dune and asks who she is. She fights off a stormtrooper. Giancarlo Esposito’s character leads a group of troopers, and proclaims that they should ‘burn it all.’ A trooper then torches a building. An array of aliens and other bounty hunters are shown. IG-88 fires on stormtroopers. Giancarlo’s character pilots a TIE fighter. The Mandalorian brandishes the weapon from the Star Wars Holiday Special. He fights stormtroopers, and literally breaks a chunk off of one of their helmets.”

While none of this preview has been officially shared online yet, you can still find parts of the footage in various grainy videos taken by fans at the event. What’s more, several members of the cast and crew were in attendance at the panel, where they shared a few details about their characters.

Carano, for instance, explained that Cara Dune is “a former Rebel shock-trooper,” who’s” a bit of a loner,” and is having trouble reintegrating into society. Pascal, meanwhile, explained that the show’s titular lead is a gunfighter of questionable morals, before comparing him to the heroes of westerns and samurai films. You can see these hardened figures and more in action when The Mandalorian premieres on Disney Plus on November 12th, 2019.