Fox CEO Considers Possible Gotham Spin-Off Series “A Good Idea”

Gotham 2

Fox may be potentially open to the idea of more stories set within the world of Gotham, according to network chairman and CEO Gary Newman. The expansion of the Gotham universe could be a potential area of interest for the network, Newman said at the annual TCA press tour this past week. Even though the ultimate creative control would be filtered through DC first, Fox is “really happy” with the creative turn the show has taken in its second year.

“We’re really happy with the creative on Gotham this year,” he said. “We thought the Rise of the Villains has been great, and it feels like a world that has many, many stories to tell. We haven’t had any conversations with Warners about whether or not they’d want to do a spinoff series. I think that would be an issue for DC. It isn’t quite clear to me that they’d be ready to do that, but it’s a good idea.”

Newman references potential issues regarding a spin-off series not aligning with the current plans for DC’s television future, which may be the most telling aspect of the possibility for a Gotham spin-off. Fox may be entirely on board for more shows surrounding the pre-Batman universe, but without DC’s approval, fans will have to continue on with Gotham on its own for the time being.

Since it’s only a potential rumor at this point, Newman gave no hint as to whether there have been internal rumblings on what the potential setting or focus of such a spin-off would be. After a somewhat rocky first season, many agreed that Gotham largely found its footing in the second year, which was dubbed “The Rise of the Villains.”

Gotham will return for the second half of the season on February 29, 2016. Once it premieres, it’ll be partnered alongside the new DC comics series Lucifer, which will make its own debut next week on January 25.