Fox Rolls Out Trailer For New Seasons Of Gotham And Lucifer


After being treated to a look at the new Poison Ivy, in addition to the news that proto-versions of both Killer Croc and Harley Quinn are on the way, the Gotham hype train shows no signs of slowing down. Fox has decided to whet our appetites with a new trailer that not only teases the Batman prequel series’ third season, but also Lucifer’s second.

Set to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” the promo seems to stress the more somber and dramatic themes to be played out on upcoming episodes of both shows. What amazed me was how well it flowed considering that these shows are in no way connected, aside from being based on DC Comics properties.

The Gotham portion of the trailer really plays up the rivalry between Penguin and Fish Mooney, which has been building since the pilot episode. Quite frankly, I’m expecting all out war to erupt on the city streets. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for brief looks at Maggie Geha as Poison Ivy, a returning Hugo Strange, and a determined Bruce Wayne continuing his journey that will eventually lead to becoming Batman.

On the Lucifer side of things, much focus is placed on his mother, played by Tricia Helfer, who recently escaped from Hell. Despite this huge development that is sure to make things difficult for Mr. Morningstar, it’s probably safe to assume the new season will contain many laughs, despite the tone of the footage given.

For more details, check out these brief synopses for both shows:

Season Three will peel back the curtain on the infamous criminal organization known as the Court of The Owls. With the Indian Hill escapees on the loose, JIM GORDON (Ben McKenzie) must take matters into his own hands as a bounty hunter in Gotham. He makes it his mission to find HUGO STRANGE (guest star BD Wong), the mastermind behind the horrifying Indian Hill experiments, and FISH MOONEY (guest star Jada Pinkett Smith), one of Strange’s subjects. Meanwhile, GCPD Detective HARVEY BULLOCK (Donal Logue) and Captain NATHANIEL BARNES (Michael Chiklis) remain at the forefront of the fight against crime in the monster-ridden city. Also, BRUCE WAYNE (David Mazouz), with the help of his trusted butler and mentor, ALFRED PENNYWORTH (Sean Pertwee), and former Wayne Enterprises employee, LUCIUS FOX (Chris Chalk), discovers there are still more secrets to uncover regarding his parents’ murders.

In Season Two, LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR (Tom Ellis) and his brother, AMENADIEL (DB Woodside), who have been sparring over Lucifer’s resistance to returning to the underworld, will now be brought back together for one common goal – to find their mother, CHARLOTTE (Tricia Helfer, “Battlestar Galactica”), who escaped Hell. After all, Lucifer doesn’t take after his dad, so the parent he does resemble is sure to be quite terrifying. Lucifer’s work with the LAPD also is upended when the police force hires ELLA LOPEZ (Aimee Garcia “The George Lopez Show”), a smart, tough forensic scientist whose mutual belief in both faith and science proves a point of interest to Lucifer. With mom on the loose, DR. LINDA MARTIN (Rachael Harris), who has become not only a therapist, but also a confidante to Lucifer, will surely have a lot of advice to dole out. And, by the time she’s done with them, she may need a therapist of her own.

Both Gotham and Lucifer return with new episodes on Monday, September 19 on Fox.