Fox Unveils Pulse-Pounding Teaser For Minority Report Ahead Of Tonight’s Premiere


September 21 is a date that has long been on the calendar for fans of Fox’s live-action Gotham series, but with little under a week to go until its premiere, the network is beginning to stoke the embers of excitement for Minority Report. Acting as a sequel show to Steven Spielberg’s original futuristic sci-fi, the series is penning a whole new chapter in the lore, and today’s new clip hints at the overarching, crime-ridden plot along with the crucial bond tying Dash (Stark Sands) and his twin brother Arthur (Nick Zano) together.

As two of the core trifecta, Minority Report will also feature another Precog from the Spielberg era in Agatha (Laura Regan), who appears to be dancing to a tune of her own in the footage above. Existing in a world where the government has dreamed up a new method to apprehend criminals, the Precogs are no longer an instrumental part of law enforcement. Instinct, it seems, is no longer a trusted source of crime fighting.

Clutching at a series of fragmented visions, Dash returns to the fray to assist no-nonsense cop Lara Vega, though her mission will have him unite with his manipulative, power-mongering sibling. Both brothers are stronger in each other’s company, though there are still a few kinks to be ironed out before they can tackle Precrime as one big happy family.

Minority Report is primed to premiere exclusively on Fox on Monday, September 21. Will you be tuning in? Let us know using the comments below, and you can remain a step ahead by checking out the series’ detailed synopsis below.

“Minority Report” follows the unlikely partnership between a man haunted by the future and a cop haunted by her past, as they race to stop the worst crimes of the year 2065 before they happen. Set in Washington, D.C., it is 10 years after the demise of Precrime, a law enforcement agency tasked with identifying and eliminating criminals…before their crimes were committed. To carry out this brand of justice, the agency used three precogs – “precognitives” Dash, Arthur and Agatha – who were able to see the future.

Now, crime-solving is different, and justice leans more on sophisticated and trusted technology than on the instincts of the precogs. Precog Dash (Stark Sands, Inside Llewyn Davis) – driven by his terrifying, but fragmented visions – now has returned in secret to help a brash, but shrewd, police detective, Lara Vega (Meagan Good, Think Like a Man, “Californication”), attempt to stop the murders that he predicts. As they navigate this future America, they will search for Dash’s missing twin brother, Arthur, and elude others who will stop at nothing to exploit their precog abilities.

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