Frank Castle’s All Bruised And Beaten In New Punisher Set Photos

It’s more than a bit surprising that The Punisher has had so much trouble finding success in live-action. That is, until, Jon Bernthal took on the role. Frank Castle is a great character and for years, fans had been hoping to see him brought to life in a satisfying manner. And while we may still be waiting for that feature film starring the former Walking Dead star to hit theatres, we at least get to see him on the small screen, kicking ass and taking names over on Netflix.

In fact, Bernthal made such an impact as the character when he showed up in Daredevil season 2 that he’s now getting his own spinoff. Yes, as you no doubt know by now, The Punisher is currently shooting in New York City and has been for a while. We still don’t have an exact premiere date – late 2017 is expected – though we have been seeing quite a bit from the set, and that continues today with a batch of new photos.

You’ll have to check them out via the link below – because, Getty – but they depict our antihero all bruised and beaten. It’s unclear who did this to him, but whoever it is will likely be served up a bit of revenge later on. What’s also interesting to note here is that Bernthal’s sporting a different haircut than the last time we saw him. If you recall, previous set photos, seen in the gallery below, showed him with a big beard.

And that’s really all there is to say about what we’ve got here. As is usually the case, there’s nothing too revealing and we’re still very much left in the dark in regards to what we can expect with The Punisher once it premieres later this year. Aside from the fact that we know Bernthal is going to kick some serious ass and that the actor will no doubt turn in another compelling performance, that is. Oh, and it’s also been confirmed that Kingpin won’t be showing up, which is certainly disappointing. But don’t worry, we’re sure there will still be plenty of worthy adversaries for Frank to face off against.

With Comic-Con quickly approaching, it’s looking likely that the first trailer for the show will debut then. Until that point, though, feel free to take to the comments section and let us know what you’re most looking forward to seeing from the Jon Bernthal-led series.

Source: Getty