Freida Pinto And Babou Ceesay Fight Against Oppression In Powerful First Trailer For Guerrilla


Freida Pinto and Babou Ceesay prepare to ignite a rebellion in the powerful first trailer for Guerrilla.

Hatched by Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) and Idris Elba, who co-stars in the six-part drama opposite Freida Pinto and Babou Ceesay, Guerrilla is rooted in one of the politically volatile times in UK history. Written and executive produced by Ridley – he’ll also helm the first two episodes – Pinto assumes the role of Jas Mitra who, along with her significant other Marcus (Ceesay) wage war against the system. Their target? The Black Power Desk, a counter-intelligence unit established by the British government at the time to quell black activism by any means necessary, often resulting in fiery clashes between police forces and the black community as the latter fought for equal rights.

Their brave efforts laid the foundation for one of the most historic movements in the country’s history, and Ridley’s awe-inspiring work on 12 Years a Slave proves that there is perhaps no other writer-director better suited to chronicling the story of the underground cell of 1970s London. This, coupled with the on-screen chemistry between Pinto and Cessay – Guerrilla is described as a powerful love story, after all – has us very excited for Ridley’s upcoming miniseries.

“The differences between racism [in the United Kingdom] or here — or frankly anywhere in the world — when you get to down to the most fundamental level, there is no difference,” Ridley said during the Television Critics Association. “When people are being marginalized or disenfranchised it really doesn’t matter if it’s about race or religion, creed or color.”

“You’re here because you are black. We are the children of the colonies who built this empire on the backs of their labor.” Expect Guerrilla to premiere via Showtime on Sunday, April 16. Ridley’s six-part series will air via Sky Atlantic for those in the UK.