Fringe News: Co-Showrunner Leaves; Season 5 Details Revealed

TV Guide has reported that Fringe co-showrunner Jeff Pinkner is not returning for the final season, with the reason being that he wants to follow some of his other projects. It was entirely his wish, and was in no way a hostile split. Having been co-showrunner since the beginning, Pinkner will now leave the final season solely in the hands of J.H. Wyman, who became co-showrunner in Season 2.

Fringe co-creator and executive producer J.J. Abrams also released a statement on the matter:

“We’re so excited to begin work on a fifth season of Fringe and to be able to deliver the 13 final episodes to our passionate and devoted fans. For four years, J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner have worked tirelessly as a team to keep all the worlds in order on Fringe. We’re thankful for the invaluable contributions Jeff has made to the show and of course wish him well and look forward to working together in the future. J.H. Wyman’s importance to Fringe cannot be overstated, however, and I’m thrilled that he will continue as showrunner for the concluding chapters of our story. We can’t wait for our fans to see what we have in store for them in the wild conclusion of Fringe.”

Pinkner also took to Twitter to speak about the situation:

“Universe! As you know, there would be no season 5 (or 4… Or 3, etc) without you! I love you all. (yes even YOU — you know who you are…) You are in good hands from here. But don’t think you’re getting rid of me that easily. Again, much love!!! Jeff”

As a huge Fringe fan, I’m sad to see him leave right before the final season as he’s been guiding it with J.H. Wyman since the beginning. It was a surprise every time Fringe was renewed for a new season, and they both delivered each time it came back. They’ve always seemed to have a plan on how it would end, though I trust Wyman to carry the final season and end the show the way they wanted to do it. I’m sure it will be nothing short of brilliant.

Speaking of the final season, John Noble was able to give an idea on what it would be about while talking to TV Line at the Critics’ Choice Awards. He revealed that the show would make a time-jump right into 2036 and details about the past would be revealed through “references” plus “found footage”.

Olivia will also return, and according to Noble, fans can expect her to have a “wonderful reunion” with her daughter Henrietta. Speaking of his own character, Noble had this to say:

“Walter is the man who started this, so there has to be resolution. There has to be redemption. We also have to see the final maturing of the relationship between Peter and Olivia, because it has been so difficult for them and we want them so much to be with each other. I would love to see the Peter/Walter relationship come back to where it was.”

I can’t wait to see what the show will do next as it comes to a close with its final 13-episode season. From all that we’ve heard so far, it promises to be unpredictable.

Fox will air the Season 5 premiere of Fringe on September 28th.