Gael García Bernal Wants A Role In Star Wars: Andor


Based on what we know, it seems unlikely that upcoming Disney Plus Star Wars series Andor is going to be getting a second season. After all, the prequel spinoff to a prequel spinoff takes place five years before the events of Rogue One, and we all know how the Anthology blockbuster ends for the entire principal cast.

That being said, five years is a lifetime in a galaxy far, far away, so there may already be tentative plans in place for Diego Luna’s hero to go on another set of adventures before he becomes the character we first met in Gareth Edwards’ billion-dollar smash hit, which is widely lauded by fans as the best Star Wars movie of the Mouse House era.

Production on Andor is getting ready to call it a day, with cameras having been rolling since April in various locations across Scotland and England. The show might not be premiering until 2022, but Gael García Bernal has nonetheless revealed that he’d love to re-team with his longtime friend Luna in the sci-fi sandbox, putting himself forward for a number of roles.

“If Cassian Andor ever needs to find his lost brother or something, then maybe they can call me. Or his antagonist. That would be cool actually! In a galaxy far away! I mean, I am curious. If something comes along that is interesting like that I would consider it, I guess.”


Incredibly, the duo first encountered each other when Luna was just two days old, with their mothers being close friends, and they’ve been virtually inseparable ever since. As well as co-starring in five movies together, they formed two production companies, handing over the reins of Canana Films in 2018 before launching La Corriente del Golfo shortly afterwards. It’s been a while since they shared the screen, though, but if Andor does end up running for multiple seasons, then there are plenty of worse ideas out there than bringing Bernal into the fold as either a friend or foe of Luna’s Cassian.