Andor Set Photos Reveal Familiar Rogue One Enemies


The roster of Star Wars shows in the works for Disney Plus may be heavily reliant on the Stagecraft technology used to bring The Mandalorian to life that’s set to to define the way every feature film or television project that takes place in a galaxy far, far away is going to be shot, but as the constant photos making their way online from behind the scenes on Andor have shown, the franchise is still invested in good old fashioned exterior locations and tangible props as well.

Shooting has been ongoing for months now, and eagle-eyed fans have started piecing together whatever information they can from the images, which have previously revealed a classic spaceship and even the potential return of a familiar foe. The latest batch of snaps offer a closer connection to Rogue One, and you can check them out below.

The coastal stormtroopers that some folks refer to as shoretroopers will be back, having made their one and only Star Wars appearance to date during the battle on Scarif that dominated Rogue One‘s third act. Based on Diego Luna’s rugged and weathered ensemble, it certainly looks as though he’ll be running afoul of the Empire’s beach-dwelling unit long before he pitched in with Jyn Erso.

Andor has been described as a “rousing spy thriller,” and the title hero clearly isn’t above getting either his hands or his outfit dirty when it comes to committing acts of espionage in the name of the Rebel Alliance. Given that it’s a prequel spinoff to a prequel spinoff, this could be an early scene from the series that marks Cassian’s first encounter with the shoretroopers, and one of what will no doubt be countless Rogue One Easter Eggs dotted throughout.