New Andor Set Photos Reveal The Return Of A Classic Spaceship


Andor is the dark horse in Lucasfilm’s Disney+ lineup. Rogue One is now five years old and while Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor was liked at the time, I’ve never heard much demand to see his further adventures. That might actually be to the show’s benefit, though, as I doubt they’d have ordered it unless they were pitched an absolutely killer premise.

Anyway, after a long spell in pre-production, Andor has finally gone before the cameras, with scenes being shot in various locations around the United Kingdom. Fans have dusted off their zoom lenses and been snapping pics of the sets, with the latest revealing the return of an iconic Star Wars craft: the Y-Wing. The bomber is currently disassembled, but it makes sense for it to appear as Andor’s story takes place five years before A New Hope.


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There’s an interesting wrinkle that’s got folks scratching their heads, though. This particular Y-Wing is the Resistance-era model seen in The Rise of Skywalker, which is anachronistic for this time period. As Cassian Andor died at the end of Rogue One, it seems unlikely that they’d have any scenes set during the Sequel Trilogy, so I think it’s either a straight-up goof or that they’re recycling props and it’s yet to undergo the cosmetic changes to make it canonically accurate.

This is also further confirmation that the show appears to be sticking to the Sequel Trilogy’s tactic of using practical effects and location shoots where possible, which differs from the Volume-heavy production of The Mandalorian. We’ve gotten peeks at an Imperial base and some kind of semi-permanent shanty town set in Buckinghamshire, so fingers crossed there’s more to come.

In any case, with production fully underway now, let’s hope we get additional leaks soon that reveal what else to expect from Andor, which will premiere on Disney+ in 2022.